Goofing off


This is what has been occupying spare moments of my time here and there. I purchased this Noro Sekku while on a Kansas City yarn crawl with my girlfriends last year. It has been sitting in my stash waiting for the right pattern. but the more I looked at it, the more I wanted to knit with it. After a false start in which I knit about a repeat and half, then yanked on the cast on edge and broke the yarn, I decided to rip it out, hold the yarn double for the cast on in order to reinforce it, and then see what would happen.

In order to choose the pattern, I grabbed all my lace books and handspun books just to see if I could find a scarf pattern that would work well with the handspun look of Noro yarns. I really wanted something with simplicity but it had to be interesting enough to knit. In the end, I chose The Road Not Taken out of my A Fine Fleece book.

I am exceedingly excited about the colors in this one. That shock of purple is completely unexpected. I look forward to working this one in my spare time!