The color affection shawl that I was so very excited about? Turns out it is only the most boring knit ever. This makes me sad. I am hoping that the short row section adds some interest, because there isn’t much of interest right now. Except the colors. The colors are indeed beautiful. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Merino Light. I’ve never worked with this yarn before but the dyes are scrumptious.

Now that I am back from vacation and life is falling back into a routine, I’ve got so much left to finish! I have a shawl to block and a sweater that is so near completion I can taste it. I can also feel fall in the air (sort of, it may be wishful thinking) which just makes me want to knit even more.

In spinning, I’ve got to finish the spindle yarn, and then keep working on my corriedale fleece so I can finish the featherweight cardigan. I am half tempted to ply what I have on the bobbins right now, just so that I can have some yarn to knit with.

I must say, I am eager to see what September brings in the way of my craft!


3 thoughts on “Sadly….

  1. I have a lonely skein of TML in the stash. Never have figured out what to do with it. Perhaps I should get it some friends….

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