Totally Unexpected

This is an unexpected blog post about an unexpected gift. My friend sparkeespud had this noro silk garden clapotis. She became frustrated with the yarn and she didn’t finish the project. It languished in her hibernation pile for a good long while. One day, while telling us about it, our friend Sarah said to hand it over and she’d finish it for sparkeespud. Well, by the time sparkeespud handed it over, she wanted to wash her hands of it completely. She told Sarah that once it was done, Sarah could keep it. Well, I must admit to feeling slightly green with envy once I saw the project. I mean, it is NORO! And also, the colors were fantastic, truly fantastic. Totally my kind of colors. As I watched Sarah knit on it I just couldn’t help but think I’d fall into the trap of knitting another clapotis in noro very shortly.

Well, last night I saw the finished object. Finished except for having the ends woven in. It was just gorgeous! So pretty, so colorful, so rich looking. Sarah tossed it at me and said “It is for you, it was always for you. I saw those colors and I knew who it belonged to.” All I had to do was weave in the ends! As I have said before, the only thing better than handknits I created myself are handknits someone has lovingly created for me. And this one has the work of not one, but two friends. So cool!


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