That thing I said?

That thing about making thicker yarns more often? Yeah, I am going in the opposite direction with this project. This is some BFL from Chameleon Colorworks that I purchased a long time ago, perhaps 2008? BFL is one of my favorite prepared fibers to spin, since it really does draft out beautifully and into such thin thread. And I can say, what I am doing right now really is a thread. If I keep this up, even if I make it into a 3 ply, it will be a laceweight. I am enjoying achieving that on a spindle, so I am going to stick it out even if it takes a lot of time. Heavier weight yarns can wait for now, I am busy making thread.


So, I had these batts….

I had these batts just laying around in my house. They were kind of making me mad, because I never put them away and I kept looking at them and thinking I should spin them, but there they sat. So this weekend I decided to spin them as a means to clean up the house. (I have some very strange ideas about cleaning up apparently.)

There were a total of 6 batts, each different colors. They didn’t exactly coordinate with each other, but I believe that a color progression could be imagined anyhow. 2 black, 2 brown, and 2 white with different colors and fibers mixed in. I don’t actually know what fibers they are, the main colors were wool, though the added colors….well there was certainly some silk, but not all the batts had silk. They were very interesting in any case and once I started they spun up quickly.

I spun these up thicker than normal and left them as singles. With both the brown and white I have 150 yards each. Which means I was very consistent in my spinning of them. The black I only have 117 yards, but this is because I used the black to practice on the tahkli spindle awhile back, and so I had less of it to start with. Jeremy and I were having the discussion last night about how I always spin thin, and could use a lot more practice spinning thicker yarns. After giving it a little thought, I’ve realized that I spin thin because not only is it my default setting, but spinning thin makes me feel like I am getting more time out of the money I invested in the fiber. I have this idea that spinning thin is a better “deal.” I need to change this mind set, remembering that the better deal is me being able to produce the yarn I want rather than me spending vast amounts of time with one fiber. Because really, do I have so little fiber to spin? I Think Not.

In any case, I am very pleased with the resulting fiber, and I am already tentatively planning some sort of interesting color progression scarf to knit with these. It should, in the least, make for an interesting experiment.


Rasta Man Wingspan

My Sid Fishious Wingspan wasn’t off the needles more than 2 minutes before I balled up and cast on a new wingspan using my Crown Mountain Farms merino spun Rasta Man Vibration. This was wool which I spun and then navajo plyed. It will look quite a bit different than the sid fishious because the color changes are shorter and more abrupt. This was one of the reasons I was so eager to cast it on actually, I wanted to see how a different spinning technique would turn out once knit. But also, I needed something mindless to knit on during a hockey game. You see, I love watching hockey. And so does my friend Sarah. Hockey season has begun and I need a mindless knit I don’t even have to look at in order to keep my anxiety levels down during the game. Because seriously, for someone who is not a sports fan at all, I can get SO worked up over a hockey game.

One thing of note about the Crown Mountain Farms merino wool is that it is extremely soft. Absolutely the softest wool I’ve ever spun. It is really easy to spin as well, but the biggest draw to me is the softness of the wool.


If I had only known…

I honestly wonder, at this point, if I’d known in 2007 what fun spindle spinning was, if I’d even have a wheel right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wheel and am not interested in parting with it. Ever. But spindle spinning has opened up such a new world to me right now that I am entirely curious if it would have satisfied me back then. Probably not, the learning curve might have been too high at the time. That being said, I am enjoying my trindle so much right now. And I don’t believe trindles even existed in 2007.

I finished the superwash merino that I dyed a long time ago. 1/3 was plyed on my wheel, 1/3 plyed on an old “toy” spindle I bought years ago but never used, and 1/3 plyed on my trindle. Now honestly, given the chance, I’ll probably do most of my plying on the wheel in the future. It just didn’t work out this time. The toy spindle worked surprisingly well, but is a little wobbly and not as fast as my heavyweight trindle. I allowed my trindle to get quite full this time, I don’t think I’ve ever built a copse this big before.


In the end I have 520 yards of 2 ply light fingering weight yarn in a semisolid. I am sure there will be some striping but the colors blend nicely and it is overall a lovely green color.


Vanallin Gloves

A couple of years ago I decided to knit the vanallin gloves out of A Gathering of Lace book to match my Swallowtail Shawl. This is the shawl I wear as a scarf with my good gray wool winter coat. Trouble was, I started them and then frogged them because I was completely uninspired to knit them. I really don’t love knitting gloves. And I already had my knotty gloves which were a reasonable enough match to the scarf that I could wear them. But, I lost a knotty glove on a bike ride this spring. It was very sad. So I cast on the vanallin gloves again and this time I actually completed the project. They are lovely and they fit perfectly. But, I may not be above purchasing a matching skein for the knotty gloves and just knitting one glove to match the remaining knotty glove.


Adventures in Fleece Part 5

So, in my continuation of fleece obsession, I also purchased this lovely CVM Romeldale fleece. More than 5 pounds of gray/white fleece and it is the BEST fleece I’ve ever purchased. This is good, since my obsession became my friend Mary’s obsession and she purchased her first fleece, a black one from the same vendor. This one is so clean and beautiful and doesn’t even smell stinky. I can’t wait to get started on this one!


The Jacob fleece which I purchased a year and a half ago is needing to be picked up again so that I can get started on these two new fleece. I actually sorted it on Sunday, and it was one dirty job. I’d cleaned it, but the quality of the fleece is not fantastic by any stretch of the imagination. It was cheap, I shouldn’t be surprised. And I learned something new, don’t get obsessive over the type of fleece, get obsessive over quality. I will process part of it, get what I want out of it, and then maybe it will go up for grabs to someone else who might want to mess around with it.