Weekend Update

After plying 1,048 yards of corriedale (and trust me, it is so much that I keep saying it over and over just to prove it may be true) I continued spinning through a football game and a knitting afternoon. I have enough yarn to finish the featherweight, but I am going to finish spinning this fleece in laceweight even so. I also balled up some of the resulting yarn, a task which was quite painful due to a Sunday morning bike ride that kicked my butt and a rather felted skein of laceweight.

Bug bumped her head badly yesterday, and so we decided to take it easy in the evening. We sat around and watched TV and just hung out. She didn’t seem to be up to much more than that, and is being very gentle with her poor head. This allowed for a bit of additional knitting time for me as well, in between serving her dinner and multiple bowls of popcorn. I finished the body of the featherweight. I am quite pleased to be ready to begin the sleeves now! I also stayed up specifically to finish the back of the meadowlark vest. Finishing a big portion of two projects all in one evening really set a good tone for my evening.




The thing is, after all this progress, guess what showed up at my doorstep this afternoon? The yarn for the cloud chaser vest. I am not sure if I should be thrilled or saddened by this.

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