Defeat, thy name is VEST

As most who know me are aware, last week and this week (and next, quite frankly) are very busy weeks for me at work. Last week I wasn’t handling the stress overly well, but this week I am feeling fairly accomplished. I went home yesterday feeling good about work and about everything I’d managed to cross off my lists, and I was in an overall good mood. That lasted until I picked up my mail. In my mail was a package, and I knew it HAD to be the extra yarn for the Cloud Chaser vest. The vest that was almost complete, with the exception of a couple rows on the collar and the armhole ribbing. I didn’t want to even restart the vest, but I opened the package anyhow in hopes that the new yarn would match the old yarn well enough to just keep knitting. When I opened the package, I thought it looked pretty decent, but once I balled it up, I realized that it was significantly darker than the rest of the vest. This meant that continuing on the collar was NOT an option. I was forced to rip out the entire collar and start over. And then my world shattered around me for a few minutes.

You see, this vest is for a very good friend of mine. I am excited to give her something she will love and wear often. And it is not acceptable to me for it not to look really nice. So leaving it with a defining line of color change is just not an option. But I am so ridiculously tired of knitting on this vest that I can barely stand it. I now will have to alternate the skeins so that the collar blends with the remainder of the vest while still having enough yarn to finish. I worked on it last night, I worked on it this morning. I am absolutely determined to finish. And soon, because I just can’t bear to look at it anymore. However, I’ve never ever experienced that overwhelming sense of defeat over a knit project. Not like that. I really need to get this project finished just so I can air out the house, burn some sage, and get rid of some seriously bad knitting juju!

My humble new beginning: