And other stuff.

So, with the anticipation of a freeze last night, I began my garden harvest. The peppers, they were out of control. I have never ever had such a high production cayenne plant. I love cayennes, but I have eaten and eaten cayennes this year and I can’t even begin to touch the amount of peppers I have. After freezing more than I could ever use and giving a bunch away, I brought a gallon freezer bag full just to work, and one person took them all. And then I realized that some of the biggest appeal of having a garden for me is to make other people happy with my produce. It gives me great joy to see someone else’s joy over that which came from my garden. And this is why I’ll keep gardening.

Jeremy and I had the last batch of fresh pesto last evening. I used a romano cheese this time, and between that and the toasty pine nuts, it turned out great. We added sauteed mushrooms, our favorite treat, and a fresh tomato from my garden. We also made some garlic bread, but truthfully, it wasn’t the best. We assumed that adding to our garlic bread would be a good idea. I don’t think it really was! The romano cheese didn’t really brown up and melt the way I imagined, and the italian herbs Jeremy added didn’t really go with the bread. Ah well, we don’t often have a fail, and even this wasn’t a real fail, just not as good as we had imagined. Tonight we are going to have to fry up some of the eggplant. I’ll roast one too so I have some baba ghanoush hanging around.

We didn’t ultimately get that freeze, I don’t think. This is good, because there actually are more peppers left on that plant, as well as green tomatoes still out there. I will try for another harvest tonight and then ripen the rest inside.

I keep trying to get to the halfway point on the collar of the cloud chaser vest. Even though I am knitting on it regularly, it took until today to get that far. Hopefully the weekend will hold a bit of knitting time for me. I’d love to have it off the needles on Monday!