So I love my trindle. I love spinning with it more than I ever imagined. (Please ignore the fact I haven’t picked it up in about a month, I’ve been busy trying to bust through some knitting!) I decided I needed to try a few other kinds of spindles, just to see how I felt about them. I borrowed the tahkli, but we all know how that went. Not to be deterred, I wondered if a russian or tibetan spindle would work better for me. Little did I know, nice ones are tough to get ahold of! While that was frustrating initially, it also made me realize that purchasing one would not be a problem, as its resale value would be high providing I couldn’t make a go of it. I special ordered a tibetan from Neal Brand, but it may be a few weeks before that gets done. In the meantime, I’d been stalking The Spanish Peacock etsy shop trying desperately to get my hands on a Russian. Well, it finally happened. I scored a Russian with a matching bowl. And then I went on Ravelry and saw a tiny Turkish spindle for sale on a destash. I grabbed that up too, knowing that too would resell just fine.

I’ve been deep into the challenge of finishing the cloud chaser vest. I spent all day yesterday on it. The collar is finally complete and I am working on the armholes. But I waited all day for the mail, just hoping my russian spindle would be in there. Much to my surprise, both the tiny turk and the russian were there! I quickly took two spindles I didn’t even know how to use and got yarn started on them.

The russian works far better than the tahkli. This I think I can live with, even get a good hang of eventually. It doesn’t help that the batts I am trying to use are naturally slubby, as my yarn is quite thick and thin, but it is a great way to get some practice time in. The tiny turk I am not quite as impressed with. I am hoping a little more yarn on it for weight will help it spin a little longer, progress on it is quite slow right now.

What I have on the tiny turk is mulberry silk from dyeabolical. I’d ordered 2 oz, and she so kindly threw in a second 2 oz for me. It is really awesome when your favorite fiber dyer is also a friend!