So, I started on the sleeves of my featherweight cardigan, and about 25 rows in, I realized I was terribly bored with it. I also managed to mess up the arms somehow, I don’t quite know what pattern I was reading when I did them. But, that is ok, they aren’t messed up in a way that will change the end result, it just changed how I had to pick up those stitches.

So, I got some heavyweight trindle arms a couple weeks back. I thought for sure that these would be solely for plying. They are so heavy and my trindle worked so well with the lightweight arms that I couldn’t imagine changing. Jeremy told me that I might find that the heavy trindle arms would actually work better, but I dismissed this idea initially, being positive that the arms would be too heavy for the weight of the yarn I was attempting to create. Then I thought it through and realized I had nothing to lose really, by trying the heavy trindle arms. So I did. Oh my goodness, what a difference this made. It spun so fast that I actually had trouble drafting fast enough to keep up. I mean, honestly? Before I knew it, I had another spindle fully dressed! I spindle full of very consistent beautiful yarn.

I couldn’t resist this shot of the gal who put down her spindle to purchase her ticket. I also love how my trindle arms match my desk this week.



3 thoughts on “Dressing

  1. So I was checking out your blog today and noticed the picture of the statue and how it seemed like it was terribly familiar, clicking your etsy link and noticing your location I realized why :). I have only been there once but the statues are beautiful enough to remember. Just wanted to say hello from a “neighbor” and say what a crazy small world it can be.

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