Entirely Not Knitting

Yesterday was a day of not knitting. I burned myself out on the featherweight during the conference, and once I put it down, found my spindle called to me so hard that I couldn’t pick it back up to knit. This is ok though, as spinning is so cathartic and relaxing for me. There is something special about even handling spun singles, so not only did I spin, I made up a few plying balls.

The coolest trick I’ve learned lately is spinning while taking a walk. That may seem odd, but to me it is revolutionary. I’ve been spinning while walking Bug to school. This is great, because it gets more spinning done. Less great is the attention the children pay to me, and they have no qualms over picking up my spindle while it is spinning and asking to try it. All I can say is that I hope for some kid somewhere I’ve done what the lady with the wool at my school did for me. Plant a long term desire to learn to spin that will someday be realized. So, the yarn on the spindle? That is what I can create while walking Bug to and from school. That is all the spinning I managed to do today thus far.