I am obsessing over this project in a major way. Everything about it is exactly what I want to be knitting right now. I am working on triangle 4 out of 8. Though there may be more triangles if I have enough yarn.

I’ve just loved my couple of days off, even though I’ve done a bit of spinning and a ton of knitting, there’s also been quite a bit of my other favorite things. Some cooking, some biking, some celebrating, tons of time with my man, it couldn’t really have been much better! (Unless a cleaning fairy had shown up at my house, now that would have made it even better.) I am sad it is drawing to a close, but I think that getting back to a routine at work will also prove valuable.

I also realized today that one of the things I am loving the most about doing SO much spinning is the fact that I never have to step foot in a yarn shop anymore. Moving away from commercial yarn is incredibly satisfying!