Moving Right Along

I feel that my last post was somewhat anticlimactic. It seems that while I can be absolutely frustrated to the point of giving up knitting entirely with one project, no words can properly convey that to the reader. So after angsting over the cloud chaser for so long, I barely know what to say!

I took my plying balls with me to my girlfriend’s house yesterday in order to ply some of my trindle spinning up on my wheel. (My wheel resides out of my house most of the time. I know that is really weird, but it works for us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.) Even though I am not actually finished with the spinning part of this superwash merino I dyed, I still felt it necessary to begin to see how it would turn out. As most of my spindle spinning is right now, there are thicker and thinner sections, but I double it will be overly noticeable in a knitted item. I made plying balls assuming everything would be easier that way, but I suspect plying from two separate balls of yarn would work just fine for wheel plying. So, since I’d finished another spindle full, I stuck that on a ball winder and made a center pull ball for the next plying attempt.

I am still spinning while walking Bug to and from school. It remains to be seen how long that can continue before my fingers freeze in the morning. I am very much enjoying that tiny bit of extra spinning time, when we are not busy with spelling word quizzing that is. What is on the spindle right now is just the amount that gets done during one day of walks.

I won’t bother to count yardage yet with this skein, since it seems pointless when there will be another skein shortly.


3 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. It looks very nice and will be fun to knit with. I just plied my first hank last night. I just wanted to do it and I didn’t care if I had thick and thin sections (and boy did I ever).

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