I am almost done with a pair of gloves. I am almost done with the wingspan. I am almost done with my featherweight cardi. I am almost done with the spinning I showed off last evening. My projects are a bunch of Almost. Almost is full of promise, and it is a state of knitting I have always loved.

On my wingspan, I’ve started the 8th triangle. Which is the final triangle. I have to admit, I actually slowed way down once I had started it, because I don’t actually want this knit to end. And when it does end, there may be very little between me and starting another one in handspun. It is like the baktus fever I had a year or two ago. Now it is wingspan fever. I love the long color changes and the handspun. I love how the garter stitches covers any discrepancy in my spinning. I love how the color flows and heathers and stays random.

The next yarn I’d love to use for a wingspan is my Rasta Man Vibration. I am interested to see how it knits up, as it is navajo plyed and should have shorter color changes than this sid fishious.

On that note, I’d like to ask all you spinners out there a question. When you spin, do you spin with a project in mind? Or are you more likely to view the resulting yarn as the project? I ask this because invariably when spinning in public, people ask what I am going to make with the yarn once it is done. And I’ve realized that maybe 5% of the time I have an answer for that. Even then, once the yarn is finished it might not lend itself to the intended project. While those around me wonder what the resulting yarn will be, I look at the resulting yarn as a finished object to be looked at, admired, and enjoyed. And put in my stash. I wondered how common this is among spinners, or if I am unusual in this respect.