So, here’s the thing. One of the reasons I love spinning so much is that I feel like I still have so much to learn. I suppose when I say spinning, I mean all that is associated with it. Fleece and fiber prep, dyeing, etc. I think my favorite experience is playing with color. I am always looking for new ways to mess around with color in spinning. So, when I joined a spindle group and saw the term “fauxlags” I just had to figure it all out. Turns out you can get a reasonable semblance of a rolag out of combed wool top. This means that you can long draw with your fauxlags rather than going to all the trouble of hand carding. Additionally, it makes the colors blend in a much more muted fashion than hand dyed combed top usually does.

Well I’ve just been on a total mission to learn new spinning stuff lately. I think it has to do with learning to spindle spin as well. I took some wool top I had in stash (for years!) from Poppy Flower Fiber.

And now you’ll have to excuse the evening indoor pictures for the rest of this post. It was cold, rainy, and windy last night. There was no taking pictures outside. I drafted out the combed top carefully, which also flattened it. Then I took a smooth dowel and rolled the end of the fiber up onto it. I held that on there and drafted the fiber out until it seperated, creating a funny little rolag on my dowel. Then I slid it off the end of my dowel.




I was careful to keep them all in order of the color progression, so then I had all these awesome little fauxlags lined up on the floor.


Then I started spinning. I am going for a thicker than usual yarn for me, and it seems to be working out reasonably well. It took a bit of getting used to, spinning from the fauxlag like that. However, I learned one thing that seems very helpful, the tighter the fauxlag the harder it is to draft it out. So a perfect tight little roll isn’t actually ideal even though it looks awesome.


And there you also see my newest trindle. Ipe shaft with disco ball beads. These are classified as heavyweight but they aren’t nearly as heavy as my last set. That disappoints me a little, but they are somewhere between the lightweight skull beads and the truly heavyweight arms, so I actually expanded my trindle arm stash quite well in the end.

Well….all that fauxlag learning just wasn’t enough last night, so once I had a decent amount on the trindle I decided to try my hand at an andean plying bracelet. It seemed like it could either have gone very well, or ended up in a ruined crazy tangled mess of yarn barf.

Plying bracelet in progress:



And once it is removed:



Thankfully, I did not end up with a tangled mass of yarn barf, I ended up with some lovely plyed yarn. Which I will have to show to you some other day, when it is wound off and finished.

I am loving the turning of the weather and the desire to nestle into my space (or spaces) and enjoy the relaxing nature of my crafts. In fact, I have a TON to blog about due to my overwhelming desire to craft right now. I’ve got a finished wingspan and gloves that are close to it. I’ll have a bunch of random stash additions I need to photograph and get entered into my stash, using this blog as the hosting area for the pictures, I’ve got spinning of all sorts, and a new wingspan. I just can’t wait to enjoy my weekend!