Vanallin Gloves

A couple of years ago I decided to knit the vanallin gloves out of A Gathering of Lace book to match my Swallowtail Shawl. This is the shawl I wear as a scarf with my good gray wool winter coat. Trouble was, I started them and then frogged them because I was completely uninspired to knit them. I really don’t love knitting gloves. And I already had my knotty gloves which were a reasonable enough match to the scarf that I could wear them. But, I lost a knotty glove on a bike ride this spring. It was very sad. So I cast on the vanallin gloves again and this time I actually completed the project. They are lovely and they fit perfectly. But, I may not be above purchasing a matching skein for the knotty gloves and just knitting one glove to match the remaining knotty glove.