Rasta Man Wingspan

My Sid Fishious Wingspan wasn’t off the needles more than 2 minutes before I balled up and cast on a new wingspan using my Crown Mountain Farms merino spun Rasta Man Vibration. This was wool which I spun and then navajo plyed. It will look quite a bit different than the sid fishious because the color changes are shorter and more abrupt. This was one of the reasons I was so eager to cast it on actually, I wanted to see how a different spinning technique would turn out once knit. But also, I needed something mindless to knit on during a hockey game. You see, I love watching hockey. And so does my friend Sarah. Hockey season has begun and I need a mindless knit I don’t even have to look at in order to keep my anxiety levels down during the game. Because seriously, for someone who is not a sports fan at all, I can get SO worked up over a hockey game.

One thing of note about the Crown Mountain Farms merino wool is that it is extremely soft. Absolutely the softest wool I’ve ever spun. It is really easy to spin as well, but the biggest draw to me is the softness of the wool.