So, I had these batts….

I had these batts just laying around in my house. They were kind of making me mad, because I never put them away and I kept looking at them and thinking I should spin them, but there they sat. So this weekend I decided to spin them as a means to clean up the house. (I have some very strange ideas about cleaning up apparently.)

There were a total of 6 batts, each different colors. They didn’t exactly coordinate with each other, but I believe that a color progression could be imagined anyhow. 2 black, 2 brown, and 2 white with different colors and fibers mixed in. I don’t actually know what fibers they are, the main colors were wool, though the added colors….well there was certainly some silk, but not all the batts had silk. They were very interesting in any case and once I started they spun up quickly.

I spun these up thicker than normal and left them as singles. With both the brown and white I have 150 yards each. Which means I was very consistent in my spinning of them. The black I only have 117 yards, but this is because I used the black to practice on the tahkli spindle awhile back, and so I had less of it to start with. Jeremy and I were having the discussion last night about how I always spin thin, and could use a lot more practice spinning thicker yarns. After giving it a little thought, I’ve realized that I spin thin because not only is it my default setting, but spinning thin makes me feel like I am getting more time out of the money I invested in the fiber. I have this idea that spinning thin is a better “deal.” I need to change this mind set, remembering that the better deal is me being able to produce the yarn I want rather than me spending vast amounts of time with one fiber. Because really, do I have so little fiber to spin? I Think Not.

In any case, I am very pleased with the resulting fiber, and I am already tentatively planning some sort of interesting color progression scarf to knit with these. It should, in the least, make for an interesting experiment.