8 Day Adventure

I am about to embark on an adventure. A knitting adventure. It is one you’ve seen before most likely, but I am anticipating that this adventure take 8 days. I’ve balled up all the yarn for it and just have to set my departure date and time.

I need to create 4 more Christmas stockings this year. And because I am a little on the burned out side of these stockings, I am allowing myself 8 days to do it. Two days per stocking. A nightmare week of bulky two stranded knitting. But then it will be over and I can move on to something more interesting. Setting the challenge is the most interesting part of this batch of stockings.

Luckily, each stocking will be a different color. Dark blue, burgundy, green, then red. The dark blue one is for me because I keep giving away my stocking. And I don’t think Bug will allow me to get away with not having one this year. The other three are for family members who have requested them.

Can I do it? I dunno, we will see. I hope I can, if only because I’d love to get some other Christmas knitting started.



However, I refuse to start this adventure until I am completely finished with my featherweight cardigan. The one which the sleeves are done but I yanked the collar bind off out and added more to it. So, I guess, hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to start.