Just as an update on the featherweight and the upcoming 8 days of stocking knitting, I have 3 rows, a bind off, and some ends to weave in. So hopefully my 8 days of stocking knitting will start tonight or tomorrow morning. It also means there will be a finished object other than a stocking to show off at some point during that time, which will help alleviate blog boredom.

But for today, I can show you what I’ve been quietly working on at work during lunch breaks. It, quite frankly, isn’t all that interesting at the moment. But, I had decided that Bug needed a new cardigan this winter. I had some knitpicks chroma worsted in stash and I’d already tried to knit something else for Bug with it, but it didn’t work out. The cardigan is garter stitch, and I only have 4 balls of this particular color. Sadly, it is discontinued so I won’t be able to get more. But, I think I can either find some in a destash or I can pull one color out of the many and use that color for anything else necessary, perhaps sleeves and collar? In any case, after today, this will be set aside for a time as I’ll have to be bringing my stockings to work.


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