It amazes me that I can take something like this, take a little time to wash it and clean it up, spend the summer spinning it, ply it up into yards and yards and yards of gorgeous 2ply laceweight, find a pattern and knit a sweater.

It isn’t just what I did that is amazing. I am amazed by the colors in the wool, all natural, with silver streaks. I love the randomness of it, I love that nature can give us something that stunning. I love the way this fleece spun up, all silky while spinning, and then fluffy once the yarn was finished. I love the softness of the sweater. I love that though I invested a ton of time into it, the pay off ended up being even better than I expected. All in all, I just adore this sweater!




4 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. I believe it was about 1400 yards. Scary part? This is only about 1/3 of that corriedale fleece. I’ve got a ton more spinning to do!

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