I’ve been dabbling in stuff lately. Dabbling with a major revamp of my craft area, dabbling with my spindles, dabbling with potential felting projects. I am not actually completing anything in particular.

I did, however, decide that it was time to pull out my wheel again. I have this awesome Loop batt called Vintage Vespa, and it seems rather holiday themed to me right now, so I am spinning. This is my first ever loop spontaneous spinning batt. I must say, it surprised me in its unbattlikeness. It is really more like very carefully and nicely blended pencil roving, though that doesn’t exactly explain it either. What I can say is that usually sparkle in batts annoys me. It doesn’t blend all that well, so then I end up with clumps of sparkle all being spun at once. This is so not the case with these loop batts. The sparkle is so well blended that you just get a hint of it here and there, while the wool itself (or wool silk blend in this case) spins up beautifully. I haven’t gotten very far yet, but I am pretty sure that will change very shortly.