Wow! Just wow.

So, I decided to make these slippers to felt right? I made a pair for Jeremy and then I made a pair for myself. The biggest issue I have is with attaching the outer sole to the inner sole. While I was knitting on them, I got the idea in my head that I should also try my hand at needle felting once the slippers were felted. So, after the frustration of pulling off another outer sole and reattaching it properly, I had 2 pairs of slippers to felt.


The felting itself took time. Mine were ready a bit faster than Jeremy’s, this is in part because I knit Jeremy’s a little too large. The most frustrating part about the process is that each pair doesn’t exactly felt at the same rate. Since one of mine was done particularly early, I got it out and began needle felting some designs onto it. I used hand dyed locks of wool that I had from a phat fiber shipment. This was an experiment I didn’t exactly expect to go overly well, but I adore how it turned out! I’ll certainly be trying my hand at it again.




This project was so satisfying last evening that I was giggling out loud over it. The felting, the needle felting, the trying something new, ALL of it went so well. I am so pleased with this project. And now I get to make a pair for Bug this week!

After all the traveling over the summer I got home and said to myself. “Self, what you really need is a vacation that keeps you at home.”  And so this week is that for me. I had already taken some sick time to get some teeth worked on, and a day off to care for Bug since she is out of school. When I looked at how much time I was already taking next week and with the holiday, I decided it would be silly to go in at all. So now my goal is to have a very productive but relaxing vacation at home, ideally getting a bunch of those chores that you put off repeatedly done.


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