Because I Love the Tibetan

I decided I should spend a little more time with my Russian spindle too, in hopes that it clicks with me now that the tibetan has. And honestly? It did. It asks me to hold it at a bit of a different angle, it has less heft to its base and wants to pop off the bowl as I spin, but it is still a nicely effective spinning tool and I don’t think I am ready to part with it. Entirely unlike the Turkish spindle which I sold off about as soon as I could due to absolute distaste for the thing.

I’d started some wool/silk/cotton/hemp blend quite some time ago, but didn’t get overly far. I picked that up again and have been spinning at it quite a bit. TO be honest, the russian spindle also works best with a large cop. I think it provides it with the heft it lacks. The tibetan doesn’t spin as well with a larger cop, so this is just a difference I’ll have to work around.

There really is no way to spin this yarn anything but slubby, however I am enjoying the resulting single and am eager to see how it does ply up once I am done with it.


Today is our day of decorating tree and home. I’ve been cleaning a bit in anticipation of this. Trying to make it a relaxing day as my last day of vacation. I must admit, I’d have no problem filling my time if I was always on vacation at home!

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