Bug has recently expressed some interest in spinning. I suspect all my time with my spindles is rubbing off and making it seem attainable for even her. I asked her recently if she’d want to give it a try and her answer was in the affirmative. Since we had a little time this vacation and since she has been more focused on indoor activities, I gave her some wool/mohair/sparkle stuff and an old toy spindle and had her go to town. She blew me out of the water with her determination and focus on it. She actively wants to learn, listens, and adjusts her spinning to accommodate what I’ve taught her.

Here she is with the spindle she took with her when we went out to breakfast:


She spun at the restaurant, she spun in the car, she took it in with her in hopes to have some extra time at the hairdresser’s. When we got home, she took a break, spending a little time playing with her friends and then decorating the tree. But soon after, she was back at it. She sat next to me all evening long, “spindling” while I spun on my supported spindle.



She “spindled” all through her Sunday evening TV show, and then asked to take it up to bed with her. “I promise I won’t spin all night” she says. This morning she wanted to take it to school. She has asked for her own spindle and fiber for Christmas and I am inclined to give it to her. I promised that I would make something out of her yarn, but she believes that her yarn isn’t going to be knittable. In the sense that she doesn’t think it will be good enough. I disagree and have promised it anyhow. I rather love having a spinning buddy right in my own home!