Sawtelle Cardigan

OK, this one’s a little wild. I had this knitpicks chroma on hand. I got it on sale, and it is perfectly Buglike colors. I tried to knit it into another sweater but it didn’t go so well. Once I saw the sawtelle pattern, I figured that would work, plus no purl stitches, so it should knit up quickly. What I failed to take into consideration was that the cardigan is knit in one piece up to the armpits and then knit separately. Well, that just messes majorly with the color lines. The thing is, it is bright and colorful and I feel certain that Bug will like it even if I find it a little nauseating. I’ll get a modeled picture after Christmas, for now it needs to be blocked and then wrapped.

I actually like the pattern itself enough to make one for me. I have some turquoise scottish wool yarn in an aran weight that hasn’t yet spoken to me in terms that got gauge. I suspect I might be able to get gauge on this one. Perhaps a project for the new year?