Yesterday’s Lace

Since yesterday was a quiet day for me, I had decided I’d concentrate on the Meadowlark Vest, working the gentle, easy lace pattern without distraction. This one has an interesting construction, I can only assume in an attempt to avoid seaming. I can live with that! The idea is that I had to pick up every other row down the side of the vest, then cast on the stitches for one of the fronts. I then incorporate the picked up stitches as if I were adding edging to a shawl. It is working out pretty well! I snapped a shot while it was still light out, but I am actually now about 2 rows from being completely done with incorporating the side stitches.



You can see both the picked up stitches as well as the left front on this picture.

I actually did a bit less on this than I expected. I got distracted with support spindle spinning and did a ton of that yesterday. A little on the russian spindle and then I moved to the tibetan. And again I keep wondering if I should just get ride of the russian and stick to the tibetan, I love it so much more!