A finishing

I picked up a braid of The Dyeing Arts BFL/Silk in the colorway Viola at our local spinners and weavers guild show. That same day my tibetan spindle came in. Basically, any wool close at hand will do when I’ve got a new spindle, and that braid was the closest. It spun beautifully on the tibetan. When I spin supported, I am basically doing a long draw, so the yarn is thick and thin, and over all light and airy. I love the fact that the supported spindle always makes me spin a lofty single. I enjoyed spinning on the tibetan so immensely, but I couldn’t get a handle on plying that way. So, I plyed on the wheel. I concentrated on plying a bit tighter than I usually do, which seems to have worked beautifully. Now I have 500 yards of a 2 ply laceweight to sock weight.