My Neal Brand tibetan is the absolute most fun to spin with. I am happy, perfectly happy, to use the relaxing nature of support spindling to occupy my evenings at this point. It feels like not much knitting is getting done at all lately. And yet, I am rather ok with that simply because I love the tibetan spindle. Since I finished spinning the singles for the BFL Silk on Saturday, the closest wool I had on hand was a braid of BFL Firestar from Dyeabolical called katatomic. Ok, I’ll admit it, she introduced this colorway and I snatched it up so fast you’d have missed it if you blinked.

And let’s just take a moment to talk about dyeabolical’s fiber. Here’s the thing. This woman just manages to hit all my color love points every time. Her colors are deep and saturated and wonderful. On top of that, the fiber is prepared so well that drafting it is a joy. I tend to go on and on about her fiber, raving about it often, to the point where my knitting friends say “Really Shells, why DO you buy from anyone else?” And at this point? I think this is a valid question. I really shouldn’t. It isn’t a matter of not thinking out of the box, it isn’t a matter of wanting to stick with what I know, it is a matter of being consistently happy with what I’ve purchased. And that makes sense to me.

Anyhow, point being, I started my braid of katatomic, and it is awesome, and I can’t put the tibetan down, and I am going for a bit of a thicker single, and because it is her fiber, that is going well for me too, and I plan to navajo ply it to preserve the amazing color, and I want to look at it and spin on it in every spare moment while simultaneously wanting it to be done so I can see the end product, and…and…. *big sigh* well I think you get the picture. I’d say this one is going rather well.