Absolutely Horrifying

I am about to show you some pictures of me in my PJs. No no, I am about to show you why I should give up knitting forever.

My meadowlark vest has some interesting construction. First I knit the back. Then I picked up stitches along the side of the back, under the arm, cast on stitches for the front, and knit while incorporating every other row of the back under the arm. This means I don’t have any seaming, which is a good thing. Then, I knit and knit on the left front, eventually joining the front to the top of the back in the same manner as under the arms, incorporating stitches every other row. This means I avoid shoulder seams too, which is great. Except for one thing:


I completely failed to hold the piece up to make sure it was straight when I joined the shoulder and knit the back and front together. What I ended up with was a very nice looking arm hole with a mobius. Rookie mistake! This one felt as big as knitting the wrong sleeve for a sweater, but in actuality it was a much quicker fix.

I had to rip out 26 rows, which doesn’t seem like all that much in the grand scheme of things, and reknit them. While it was tempting to leave the project in a hibernation stage, I didn’t. I need those needles for Jeremy’s second glove, so I had to fix it right away.



Thankfully now I have an armhole that is actually useful on a vest that will be, eventually, wearable. And I am feeling less like I need to give up knitting forever.