Julie’s Wardrobe Part “Christmas”

All knitting for Miss Julie has been done. I made a lovely little skirt using scraps I had around the house. Inevitably it takes more yarn than I expect when I knit for her, so I ran out of yarn, twice, and had to add colors. I think the end result is pleasing anyhow. For the top, this was a bit more of a challenge. I originally knit the top in the same beige I cast off the skirt with. However, I did not have enough and under the cabled band I had to switch colors to the purple. I didn’t like the way it looked, so I ended up starting over with the purple. At that point I also modified the pattern heavily, as I had no interest in sewing velcro on, and wanted to use buttons I already had in stash instead. In the end, the purple doesn’t look too bad with the green, one of my favorite color combinations in any case. And I’ll try to ignore the ridiculousness of using malabrigo silky merino for a doll top when I don’t even have a garment of such luxuriousness, but it was what I had in stash that matched the yarn weight I needed.


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