Nose Pickin’ Gloves

A long time ago Sarah started on a scarf for Jeremy. She put in a lot of time on it, and intended to use up all the yarn she had of that particular color. But, that color seemed to be reproducing itself at an alarming rate. When the scarf was done, she had enough for a hat, so she knit him a hat. Once that was done, she was entirely sick of that yarn in that color. And what happens during a stash toss? Another skein of that yarn, in that color, appears. So I tell her that I’d be happy to make a pair of matching gloves for him. I set out looking for a pattern that would work with the yarn, and came across the Cigar pattern on knitty. Since Jeremy tends to use his hands quite a bit, these seemed the right choice. The pattern sizes for small, medium, and large. I figured that since his hands dwarf mine, I should go with large. I was not wrong, as they fit well when I tried them on him before I began knitting the fingers. These got put aside for a long time, as I wanted to have him around so I could annoy him about them. Or rather, try them on him regularly to make sure the fit would be right the first time. I really needn’t have, he sized perfectly for the large size the entire time.

As far as the pattern is concerned, it is a good little pattern. However, I don’t believe it asks me to pick up enough stitches when knitting the fingers, and that leaves some rather large holes to sew up once the gloves are done. If I had to make them again, I’d probably pick up two extra stitches at the start of each finger and then decrease them on the next round. I really dislike sewing.