This Weekend in Spinning

Over the weekend, despite working hard on some knitting and some non crafting related things, such as Christmas shopping and painting one of Bug’s gifts, I was able to get a bit of spindle spinning done. My hands have been a bit sore, and I am sad to realize that part of that seems to have to do with spinning on my tibetan. Once I realized this, I spun a bit on my trindle as well to counteract the hand pain.

The tibetan holds the dyeabolical BFL/firestar. I’ve now spun a spindle full, wound that off, and am about 2/3 done with my second spindle full. I love the colors of this and intend to navajo ply it to preserve the color. Though the plying will be done on the wheel.

My disco trindle holds the ol’ fauxlag project I started months ago. This one mostly resides at Jeremy’s house so it really doesn’t see all that much action. I’ve got 2 balls finished and am working on a third. Because this is a thicker yarn, when I do concentrate on it, it goes quickly. However, there are often other projects that seem far more interesting to me and I tend to let this one languish a bit. The fiber is merino.