My Meadowlark

I’ve put in a good amount of time on my meadowlark vest this weekend. Barring any mobius armholes, I should be done with the body of it tonight. This would be in between prepping food for 2 potlucks this week, and attending the first of them. However, what that leaves me with is icord. Tons and tons of icord. Icord around the armholes, and icord all the way around the collar of the vest. I am going to guess that the icord alone will take me a week! No, I am probably kidding. In all honesty, this vow to not cast on new projects for this month has truly helped me focus on what I have on the needles and feel like I am really accomplishing something. I really like that feeling, even though I sometimes don’t like working on a project I am getting bored with. It is quite the payoff to have the projects actually complete.


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