It took 4 months, but I finally completed my meadowlark vest. I knit it out of alpaca I had purchased at my first stitches midwest. I had purchased 2 skeins actually, and it took less than a skein to make the vest, so I have quite a bit left over. Even when I first started knitting I was drawn to the undyed natural colors, and I think the early purchase of this alpaca reflects that.

The vest itself, while I love how the top drapes, I could have used some additional fabric in the front. I think the back is just fine as is. The good thing about this is that technically I could have made it with extra in the front, it wouldn’t have messed up the pattern to do different sizes in the front and in the back. Not that I’ll be trying to change that any time soon. (or ever.) But the point is, it could be done easily.

I hated knitting all the icord, but love the resulting product. Another one done for 2012!