Cram Pot Dyeing

I’ve been itching to try some cram pot dyeing for months now. When I saw the locks from my fiber club, I decided that those would be awesome to cram pot dye with, but I assumed I’d need more and waited until the second shipment. After finishing the icord on the vest during my snow day yesterday, I had no desire to knit anymore. So, I soaked the locks for my cram pot dyeing experiment. I needn’t have worried about the amount of wool, as my first pot was completely full with just the rambouillet. I wasn’t in love with the rambouillet in the first place, so I really just went nuts with the colors, and indeed did end up with some crazy stuff. However, I do believe that when flicking and then spinning each lock the colors will come together and look pretty interesting.


Then, once that was done, I decided to dye the border leicester. This time I decided to just do beiges and pastel like colors, with a hint of yellow for pop. And these turned out far better than I expected! I really like this combination, and am very eager to spin it up. And better yet? I’ve got my leicester longwool soaking in anticipation of doing another cram pot experiment.

It has been nice to have my dyes out for a bit. It happens so rarely!



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