Wonderful Days!

Seems I’ve been having a string of wonderful days. We celebrated Christmas on Sunday. It was wonderful to spend it with Jeremy and to skype in my parents. It was wonderful to have some spinning time and finish spinning my katatomic colorway. It was wonderful to make funnel cakes and hang out and watch a movie. It was wonderful to spend some quiet time with my man after Bug went to bed.


Yesterday was wonderful, in its quietness in the morning, coffee with Bug, grocery store run, and playing with Christmas gifts. Then we had a last minute invite to visit some friends for dinner. While there, I started navajo plying, finishing up once I got home. It is wonderful to have 244 yards of worsted weight yarn. Yarn that I’d say may be the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever created!



I hope every one of my readers, friends and family, are having a string of wonderful days themselves!