So, I have developed a Loop! fiber addiction, and with loop fiber purchases, there are loop fiber samples. When I got the Bumblebee SST, I immediately pulled out some loop samples to try out the spindle with. I quickly finished the singles, and plyed them up on my wheel. I got 55 yards of laceweight 2 ply in a very lovely color.



I loved the dark burgundy/brown with tones of brighter burgundy and green. Very very nice! It also made me fall in love with my Bumblebee so that was a win as well. I am putting this little skein away for a later date, I’ve got 2 more samples to play with at some point.

In other news, Month of Finishing has drawn to a close. I started it a week early, so I am ending it a week early. I finished my Rasta Man Wingspan, and that is blocking on my floor. I’ve been far too interested in spinning and the thought of new projects to consider another week of one knitting project only. It would drive me nuts and it would make me spin all the more in avoidance.