Rasta Man Wingspan

I am really starting to think there is a problem with the amounts of yarn I am allowing for when I make the wingspan. All I can say is that I keep running out! I will have to remember to err on the side of caution if I ever make this again. I didn’t even have enough handspun for 7 wedges, let alone the 8 necessary. So, I picked up some complimentary koigu kersti to finish it up. I knit my 8th wedge, looked at the ball of yarn, thought maybe I could get a 9th wedge, started on that, realized that I could not, ripped back, and then finished up the shawl. I thought I would be hyper critical and really hate the solid yarn, but I actually don’t think it looks all that bad. I do think I am going to put the wingspan pattern away for awhile. It is a great pattern for handspun, but only if I don’t run out. I’ve got a couple other patterns on the back burner that I can use for handspun from here on out.