How did that happen?

I started spinning in 2007. Not one to do anything in a small way, I immediately got a wheel and learned on that. I never bothered with a spindle. Since then, I’ve considered myself an adequate spinner. Knowledgable, but in a rut. Able to make a decent knittable yarn, but not by any means a spectacular spinner. I didn’t feel I learned new techniques, and I always spun about the same thickness, 3 ply light fingering weight yarn.

And then something changed. Over the summer I became interested in spindles. Drop spindles and support spindles. Along with wanting to master spindles, came a desire to master new spinning techniques. Suddenly I am no longer in a rut. And on top of that, I’ve slowed down taken more care, and am now producing better yarn than I ever have before. I am also enjoying spinning in a way I never have before. Spinning for me has always been an end product venture. Knitting was about the process, spinning was about the product. Except, not anymore.

I just spent the last 4 days spinning up this loop bullseye bump, and I want to show you all the pictures. I switched to my larger whorl so I could make a slightly thicker than usual yarn. I then snapped photos of the process.

20130107-203637.jpg 20130107-203643.jpg 20130107-203650.jpg 20130107-203659.jpg

There were about 2 more colors of grey in there I never got a chance to photograph due to darkness and bad lighting.

I then navajo plyed the entire thing, leaving me with 460 yards of Dk to worsted weight yarn. And it is well done yarn, if I do say so myself. It is even, consistent, and beautiful. I am extremely proud of it.


I intend for this to be my year of spinning dangerously. I had a year or two of knitting dangerously and it expanded my knitting knowledge and ability beyond what I would have hoped. So, this year in spinning, my goals are as follows:

-To regularly spin thicker yarns, and manage to do it with intention. If the idea is to have a consistent yarn, I should have that. If I want something thick and thin, then I should be able to master that as well.

-To try corespinning. And coreless corespinning

-To create a true cabled yarn

-To alternate spinning older stash, newer stash, and fleece/locks/less processed wools

-To create a beaded handspun

Hopefully this will keep me right out of a rut, and have me spinning in ways I never imagined. I think that is a fantastic goal for this year!

4 thoughts on “How did that happen?

  1. That’s gorgeous yarn! I’m working with some southdown wool on my spindle right now that wants to be thicker than I’m used to spinning. Great goals for your “year of spinning dangerously”. Good luck!

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