So yesterday I deliberately knit a hole in the toe of my Vintage sock. Once I was reading the directions properly it was uncomplicated for the most part. Once I got home in the evening, I decided before I got much further on the foot of the sock I would inlay the leaf. This was also uncomplicated, even though I expected it to be very complicated. I expected that trying to get the leaf to lay flat and fit the associated toe hole was going to drive me nuts. It did not. The ease at which it all went together was quite anticlimactic, as I’d been stressing over this part of the sock more than anything else. Knit 34 little leaves? No problem. Knit a hole in the toe for one leaf? Complicated to my brain. I then knit and attached the stem of the leaf, and all that is missing now is the embroidery. Which I don’t think I will bother with until I am done with the socks.

This means that I now actually get to knit a sock. Month O’Socks started last week but I don’t feel like I’ve been sock knitting, just leaf knitting. Now I get to sock knit and I am quite excited about that. In fact, I’ve just started the embossed grape pattern that goes over the top of the foot.


Also, as of right now, 18 out of 34 leaves have been knit and blocked. Which means that I am now more than halfway done with them. I’d show you, but they are all sitting on the blocking board and don’t look much different than last time I showed them off.

The leaf knitting will now mainly take place at work. This means that I’ll be cranking out more like 2 leaves per work day. The next 4 leaves I make will be the final color, so that when I finish the first sock I’ll be ready to add the leaves and then start the second sock. I can make up the rest of the leaves while knitting the second sock. I have to admit, I wasn’t actually eager to start this project, nor was I eager to do Month O’Socks this year. But, it is this kind of crazy project that I needed, as now that I am doing it, I am just loving the process. What I really needed was something to get excited about.


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