First Weaving Attempt

You know what? I decided years ago I wanted to weave specifically because of handspun yarn. I just really thought that the look of handspun on a woven piece would be amazing. It may have taken a few years and the cowl is anything but perfect, but I managed to achieve in my first project the look I was dreaming of all those years. The warp and weft pairing are perfect to show off the color changes in handspun and an alpaca fiber labeled “september twilight” becomes just that. A play on the color tones of a september evening sky. And I love it. Absolutely love it. I cannot stop looking at it.

Now, how did this scarf become a cowl? Well, let me run you through my thought processes. First, I wanted a scarf. And I love really long scarves, so I decided to plan my warp for a long scarf. But then I got started, and there was a good 6 inches of weaving that was awful. I tore the weft back out and started again. Second try was a bit better, but then all of a sudden something clicked and my edges started looking significantly nicer. It was at that point too late to go back and tear out all that weft, so I kept going. Thank goodness for that extra long scarf. As I worked my way through the project, I got to thinking how much I hated the very beginning and how I would find it not at all acceptable for a scarf and whatever was I to do because the project is just too beautiful to give up on and throw out! I threw out my first handspun way back when, not because it was crazily spun yarn, but because the color of the fiber was hideous and I hated that yarn. I couldn’t do that with this project.  But then I remembered that you can sew woven fabric, and why couldn’t I just cut out the section of really bad scarf, then make a french seam at the two ends, making a cowl? That really did satisfy me, knowing that I could probably create something I’d actually wear, and I wove on. In the end, I only had a partial bobbin left of the weft, so I planned fairly well all things considered. The cowl is long and scarf like when doubled over, and the edges aren’t so awful to be totally noticeable.

20130225-163422.jpg 20130225-163416.jpg

I am still utterly amazed that I made this. I don’t know what my next project will be, but I know now that there will be a next project.

And just for fun, I’ll even show you the section I cut out of my cowl.


I ask you this, how long will it be before I quit saving waste from the loom? I am having trouble throwing out that yarn, imagining that it would be great stuff to tie skeins of handspun with. But really, that is just crazy talk isn’t it?




3 thoughts on “First Weaving Attempt

  1. Funny! She asked if she could save it but I wouldn’t let her because in my mind it is just one more piece of junk she wants to keep that I will have to throw out later. Maybe I should rethink that.

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