Spinning in Progress

We are all probably getting sick of me talking about the Vintage Vespa bump, spinning the Vintage Vespa bump, looking at pictures of the Vintage Vespa bump, and even thinking about the Vintage Vespa bump. However, I did have some time to make a little progress on it, and it seems I have finally moved into the last major color on the bump. So, I thought I’d take a picture. Of course. The thing is, since I am struggling so much to finish, posting about it holds me accountable. And since I have so much other stuff I’d love to spin, I need to be held accountable or this will never ever get done.



Green toned white with a dark grey stripe now. So eager to be done.

Unexpectedly though, I finished some singles I spun on my trindles. These go way back, I started them mid October. I just kept the wool at Jeremy’s place, and spun on it when I didn’t have anything else to spin on or knit. This weekend I looked at what I had left and figured if I just worked at it a bit, I could finish all the singles. And last night, I did just that. When Jeremy told me his tulips were coming up, I couldn’t resist a picture of singles and tulips. Yeah, I know. Goofy, but indulge me!  I am looking forward to spring!



So, since it has taken me so long to finish these singles that I’ve pretty much written them off as a project in progress, I get the bonus of plying something unexpected and having a new skein of yarn!