Is this even a knitting blog anymore?

I don’t have any knitting to post. Again. Even during Month O’Socks. I can tell you that today I finished the very last leaf of the crazy project, but telling you that isn’t particularly interesting especially since I haven’t worked much on the second sock.

Instead, I’ve got spinning and weaving. I began the flax/spun locks project I had been talking about last week. Sunday night I finally finished warping the loom and got started. I’ve been pretty intensely busy with weaving ever since. I must admit, I do find it to be relaxing. I also really enjoy winding bobbins, and so I keep saying “Just till I am finished with all 4 bobbins, then I can wind 4 more and stop.” Except I don’t stop, I find it really difficult to stop. Which is good I think. Means I am enjoying it. I love love love the fun curly lock singles as the weft. They are thick and thin and have curls and pieces hanging off the yarn, and it makes for an oddly textured piece. Since the locks were dyed different colors, there are many abrupt color changes associated with me changing to the next lock during spinning. Working projects like this trains me to look at my crafts differently, relying less on precision and more on interest. I am enjoying that process.



I also plied a very small amount of singles that I finished last week. 60 yards of 2 ply yarn, very bouncy and soft. I have 5 more small batts of varying colors to spin like this, so it should be a pleasure to keep going on them.