Weaving project #2

I used flax for the warp and handspun singles, spun from wool locks, as a weft. This was a learning curve project for me for sure. The weft is so textured, so thick and thin, so rustic and artsy, that it is hard to predict how it will act. However, I did a fantastic job with my edges! Only to pull it off the loom and figure out that since some of the singles were quite energized, there are sections of the scarf that pull in on itself. There are some edges that look totally uneven because the yarn has scrunched back up the moment it no longer has tension on it. I was initially irritated with this, but then I just figured it added to the rustic feeling of the scarf, and gave me a ton of ideas for potential scarves using energized singles as a design element.


The warp for this is an exact match for the color tones of the weft, which I really enjoy. The colors block more than I’d love, mostly because I was spinning from the lock, thus the color transitions are harsh rather than smoothly fading from one to the next. I wish I could get a good picture of the fuzz factor, but that has proven difficult. I love how there are little loops of curly wool randomly hanging out of the scarf, as well as thicker places where the curls have gotten caught well into the warp. The scarf is super long, if I put it over my shoulders, both ends hang on the ground. This is me still not understanding how much waste (or how little, in this case) to allow for in my warp. However, I have always loved a super long scarf, and I wore it yesterday with pride.