Weaving Project #3

Project #3 will have multiple posts, as it is a large project. But, I did create the first part of it already. I am not going to call this a scarf, I am calling it a strip. I started with red acrylic and added some scraps I had laying around. The bulk of this project will be exactly that. Red acrylic with scraps. However, this first project turned out surprisingly nice. I expected it to look funky and weird with the strange variegated yarn. It actually looks quite lovely. I am not positive how much time I will have to devote to this project, but I’d like to get the bulk of it done this weekend. Bug has been a huge help with this one, I’ve set her loose with the bobbin winder and she takes great pleasure in filling my bobbins just as soon as they are empty.


Since this particular project consists of a number of strips, the weaver’s knot my aunt taught me came in very handy. And, I got to practice it 52 times in one evening. Being able to pull the new warp through with the old was a wonderful bonus, and something I will do for the duration of this project. I am pleased with how fast this project goes with the thick yarn and basic weave. However, I am already looking forward to doing something new, something like a pretty little scarf for me or whatnot. Something with a pattern especially! Since I have yet to try an actual pattern, that is what I am most looking forward to trying next.