Weekend Update

MOS updates coming your way. Even my own! Despite being quite sore, I am still managing a bit of knitting daily. I still have hopes to finish a pair of socks for my mom before the end of the month. Thankfully the sock yarn I am using is fairly thick, so progress is made even with less knitting overall.



Look at that! I’ve started a toe. Maybe I’ll even finish the first sock today. That would be awesome.

Kathy sent me a picture of a new pair she started. She didn’t mention if she finished her first pair, but I am guessing she did. She’s using Koigu, and as koigu is on the light side of yardage, she’s doing solid colored heels and toes. Toe up to maximize koigu yardage. Despite koigu being koigu, I bet she gets a good long sock out of these.



Despite having a crazed work schedule lately, and being rather quiet about MOS, even Sparkeespud is participating. These green socks seem rather appropriate for the month of March!

Tomorrow I will show you where I am with my Vintage socks. Despite having hit them hard at the beginning of MOS, they’ve been languishing. However, recently there’s been a bit of progress. I am willing to bet Sarah will have another finished pair to show off too.

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