MOS update postponed

You know why? Because I got around to doing something yesterday that I want to show off today. Remember when I dyed up a bunch of border leicester? I actually dyed up about double this amount in different ¬†colors, dried it all out, and it has been sitting in a box. Then I ordered a silk sampler from SilkandShine on etsy, mulberry silk sliver in a ton of different colors. I did this so I could blend the silk with the border leicester and any other fiber I grabbed on my drum carder. Yesterday, after weaving another strip, I got an opportunity to do exactly that. I made 2 batts, which didn’t take overly long. ¬†One is more blended than the other. I started by carding the border leicester, 5 colors in all, in lines on the drum carder. Then, I pulled the batt off the drum carder and fed it back through in small chunks, sandwiching silk between each chunk. For the first batt, I pulled it off and fed it through again to blend it even better. For the second batt, I wanted to see what it would look like if I stopped at that point. But to be honest? I don’t like the chunks of silk, so I intend to send it through for another pass next time I pull out my drum carder. These batts are so light and airy. Not at all compacted like the jacob’s fleece I carded recently. I don’t really know what the difference is, though it could just be the nature of the border leicester. I am eager to do a little more of this once the weaving strips are done. For now I’ll be content just trying to work on them in between strips. I love the color blending!

Batt #1



Batt #2


If it wasn’t so snowy I would have opened them up and showed you the rest of the colors. Maybe next time.