Another reason to make an afterthought heel

Many years ago, after making a few practice pairs of socks, I knit with my first nice sock yarn. One pair of easy ribbed socks out of koigu. I knit them toe up with an afterthought heel and contrasting toe color. Despite knitting another 80 some pairs of socks, they remained my favorite until I wore through the heels. I set them aside, and waited until MOS to knit a new heel.


Since today is yet another snow day, I decided to tackle one of the socks. Only one has a hole, so I may only fix the one initially. First, I cut off the end of the heel, and ripped back to the saved stitches I made originally when I knit the sock.


They were a bit difficult to pick up since the yarn is old and worn and thin now, but I did it anyhow since these socks deserve just as much wear time as possible. I miss them!

I chose STR for the new heel as I had just a bit in my stash. I actually didn’t have enough to make the heel as long as I’d have¬†preferred, but it is long enough to wear the sock again.


And that is one of the quickest sock repairs ever. The afterthought heel made it easy and so I chose to do it. Otherwise? I’d have just thrown out the sock.

MOS updates on my projects tomorrow. With MOS ending Thursday, I’ll again have the freedom to choose whatever knitting I like, but I must admit I am driven to finish my MOS projects even so.