So Over It

I am SO OVER sock knitting.

And even though there has been sock progress, I’ve got other stuff to show you.

First of all, the spindle spinners on Rav are spinning green for St. Patty’s day. Well, I’ve been spinning green (and lavender) FOREVER. However, I didn’t want to continue to spin that to mark the month. So instead, I decided to do a batt. A study in green batt. I took pictures, and then decided I should also take pictures of the floor as it looks when I start messing around with color blending.



This is my floor with a ton of dyed border leicester. You will see the cord to the vacuum cleaner there too, because drum carding this particular border leicester makes a bit of a mess. I just make sure when I pull out the drum carder I’ve also got the vacuum out. This way I can’t space it or become unmotivated to clean up.

I got the border leicester so cheap it was amazing. However, with cheap wool comes some stuff you’ve got to sift through. It was dirty, full of VM, and has a ton of second cuts. Despite this, it was WORTH IT for the price. Still is. I can’t even get annoyed by the VM falling out of the drum carder, or the fact that I have to pick some second cuts out of my batt while spinning. The border leicester is lambs wool so it is softer than most, the locks are amazing, some quite long, and it took color in a gorgeous way!

For my study in green batts, I basically took every green color I had with the border leicester, added some other colors from other fiber, and then added silk. It is interesting to me that though there is no white in this batt at all, the lightest green looks white compared to the more saturated colors.

20130312-132930.jpg 20130312-132924.jpg

I haven’t decided if I will spin this in a gradient or if I will try to blend up the colors. However, not a bad little project for a snow day!