Spinning batts

So you remember how I started making batts over the weekend? I couldn’t really resist spinning one up. I chose the first batt, the one which was well blended to start with. I decided to tear strips from it, spin, then chain ply in order to achieve a gradient yarn.

I spun on a tibetan spindle:



Look at that snow! I suspect this may be one of the last snow pictures until next season.

Then I chain plied on my trindle. This was my first attempt at chain plying on a spindle. With the shoulder issues I’ve been suffering from, it wasn’t a very good idea.



But once I started, I figured I’d better get it finished.

In all honesty, the only reason I chose to use the spindle for plying is because my wheel is still sitting at my friend Sarah’s house, and I still haven’t managed to get the motivation to go get it. Even though I could really use it. In any case, once the yarn was finished and dried, I had 60 yards of a gradient. I guess this would technically be a striped yarn, as I’d have to make a few more batts and spin them the same way in order to make an usable¬†amount of yarn.



It is a bit fuzzy as border leicester is a longwool. However, it isn’t nearly as fuzzy as the last border leicester I spun. It is also a bit rustic, what I am carding up is full of second cuts. I’ve been picking most of them out of the wool, but some get missed.

After I finished this little project, I started spinning up more of the lavender and green BFL that I’ve been working on for ages and ages. I put it on the tibetan I used for this project. When I then wanted to start spinning the “study in green” batt from yesterday, I realized I didn’t have any tibetans left (I’ve loaned one out) and would then need to actually spin on a drop spindle. Which I started and it is going quite nicely. I’ve all but given up on drop spindles recently, so it was good to be forced to use one again and refine my skills.


2 thoughts on “Spinning batts

  1. Please understand I spent 5 yrs of intense wheel spinning before I ever picked up a drop spindle at all! I really felt that learning to wheel spin was less complicated than spindle spinning. After 5 yrs at the wheel, the drop spindle was pretty easy to pick up. Any drafting issues I’d ever had were worked out on the wheel long ago. However, support spindles? That’s an entirely new level of crazy difficult. It didn’t matter at all that I’d spin on a wheel for 5 yrs, support spindling was so very difficult to pick up. Learning to support spindle was the most trouble learning spinning I’d ever had. Far worse than the wheel.

    I guess my point is, don’t dismiss the spindles out of hand. You may find yourself picking them up at some point and really enjoying them. There’s a portability there that you can’t get with a wheel. They are also often just as fast as wheel spinning even though that goes against everything I’ve ever imagined. I wouldn’t give up my wheel, but the spindles have now found a significant place in my life.

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